Strathclyde Police launch Strathclyde (I preferred Semper Vigilo myself) ,a converted Arun Class Lifeboat, passing Greenock on plane November 2007.

Spirit of Fairbridge

Spirit of Fairbridge in James Watt dock 11 November 2007. Fairbridge is a leading youth charity supporting 13 - 25 year olds in inner-cities. Spirit of Fairbridge operates a 12 month sailing programme, most of which is spent on the West Coast of Scotland. Further details can be found here.


The firefighting capabilities of J P Knight's tug Kindeace can clearly be seen here in James Watt dock 03 January 2008. Ayton Cross in the background.

Sound of Scarba

Western Ferries' Sound of Scarba lies at the new linkspan at McInroy's Point while Caledonian Macbrayne's Jupiter heads up river 24 February 2008.

Sound of Scarba

Western Ferries' Sound of Scarba entering Garvel Dry dock for annual overhaul 22 January 2008. SD Tornado already present in the dry.

Sound of Sanda

Western Ferries' Sound of Sanda lies in James Watt dock completing her overhaul 15 March 2008.

Sound of Shuna

Western Ferries' Sound of Shuna lies in James Watt dock following her overhaul 08 February 2008.

Loch Riddon

Caledonian Macbrayne's second ferry on the Largs - Cumbrae run Loch Riddon appeared back "home" after repairs at James Watt dock 25 March 2008. Seen here at Largs Pier with her running mate Loch Shira.

SD Oronsay

SD Oronsay pays a visit with PNR staff to Largs Pier 24 March 2008.

Navion Oceania

Tanker Navion Oceania heads up river to Finnart while Caledonian Macbrayne's Loch Shira passes in the foreground 24 March 2008.

Ocean Crescent

Tanker Clipperbeaune comes alongside Ocean Crescent to deliver bunkers at Hunterston 24 March 2008. Unloading continues of Ocean Crescent which arrived the night before.


Tanker Clipperbeaune arriving at Hunterston with bunkers for Ocean Crescent 24 March 2008. Tanker Navion Oceania waits for a pilot before proceeding to Finnart.

Svitzer Mallaig

Tug Svitzer Mallaig passes the National Watersports Centre on Great Cumbrae en route to assist the sailing of Cape Carmel from Hunterston 23 March 2008.


Clydenes passes Cape Carmel, berthed at Hunterston, en route to Manisty 23 March 2008.