Clyde Marine Services' Rover supporting Solitaire 09 October 2008. A revolting night!

Alma Ata

Bulk carrier Alma Ata arrived at Hunterston 08 October 2008.

Poplar Voyager

Poplar Charters' vessel Poplar Voyager in Clyde Marina 03 October 2008. Normally based in Craobh Haven, more information can be found here.

Second Snark

Clyde Marine Services' Second Snark, still acting as passenger tender to Solitaire, comes in to lie on the outside of Balmoral at Largs Pier, 06 October 2008.


PSPS' Balmoral landed up at Largs where she berthed overnight 06 October 2008. She had to run south before turning as Second Snark was lying on the outside berth of the pier.

Jag Layak

Tanker Jag Layak inbound for Finnart 06 October 2008. Her Pilot had fun getting in through the streams of grey funnels!

Bro Developer

Tanker Bro Developer overtakes a minesweeper (maybe HMS Grimsby?) outbound for Belfast 06 October 2008.

HMS Ark Royal

HMS Ark Royal (R07) passes Tomont Point outbound as part of the Nato exercise 06 October 2008.

HMS Quorn

HMS Quorn (M41) heading upriver in the Largs Channel 06 October 2008.

Loch Tarbert

Caledonian Macbrayne's Loch Tarbert paid a fleeting visit to Largs 05 October 2008 enroute to the Top Wires at Gourock for some repair work. She was replaced on the Lochranza - Cloanaig run by Loch Riddon.

Leroy Grumman

USNS Leroy Grumman (T-AO 195) outbound ex Loch Striven 05 October 2008.

SD Oronsay

SD Oronsay visited Largs 06 October 2008.

HMS Argyll

HMS Argyll (F231), the third Type 23 frigate to be completed, is seen hove to in Campbeltown Loch 05 October 2008. Completed by Yarrow in 1991 she displaces 3500 tons and is armed with a Mk 8 4.5" gun, Seawolf AA missiles, mounted in a silo just aft of the gun, 2 Harpoon ASuW quad launchers, 2 x 30 mm AA guns and 4 AS Torpedo Tubes. She also carries a Lynx helicopter.

QE2 Part 2.

Cunarder Queen Elizabeth 2 paid her farewell visit to Greenock 05 October 2008.

QE2 passing Bute escorted by PSPS' Balmoral inter alia. Boa Fortune can be seen at anchor where she rode out the recent gales.

QE2 approaching Solitaire.

QE2 Part 1

Cunarder Queen Elizabeth 2 paid her farewell visit to Greenock 05 October 2008.

HMS Manchester approaching QE2 to provide escort upriver.

QE2 passing Goat Fell.

QE2 passing Glen Sannox.

The pilot boards QE2 from Mount Stuart.

SD Omagh briefly led QE2 up river.

HMS Manchester

Destroyer HMS Manchester (D95) provided the honour guard for Queen Elizabeth 2 as she headed upriver for her farewell visit to Greenock 05 October 2008.