Cape Pioneer

Bulk carrier Cape Pioneer inbound from Newport News 30 December 2008. She was anchored in Irvine Bay awaiting the departure of Castillo de Catoira.

Castillo de Catoira

Clydeport pilot cutter Mount Stuart uplifts the pilot from the outbound Castilla de Catoira 30 December 2008. The pilot was immediately transferred to the inbound bulker Cape Pioneer.

Bro Deliverer

Tanker Bro Deliverer inbound for Finnart from Belfast 28 December 2008. One boat brings it in, another takes it out!


Tanker Seadance outbound for Falmouth 28 December 2008. Bro Deliverer passed her west of Cumbrae inbound!

Bro Deliverer

Tanker Bro Deliverer outbound for Belfast 26 December 2008, she only arrived at Finnart early hours of Christmas Day! The queues, however, are not abating!


Tanker Agdash inbound for Finnart 26 December 2008. Passing Silver Constellation, which appears to be coming a permanent fixture!

Castillo de Catoira

Motor tanker Sara delivers bunkers to Castillo de Catoira at Hunterston, Christmas Day 2008. A very merry Christmas to all from ClydeNavalGazing!

Castillo de Catoira

Bulk Carrier Castillo de Catoira heading down past Largs into Hunterston on a grey Christmas Eve morning with Warrior III and Svitzer Mallaig assisting. Ayton Cross was there but was hidden on the starboard side. An image from ClydeNavalGazing correspondent Neil Robertson.


Coaster Mornes at the re-loader whilst Pruva is unloaded at Hunterston 23 December 2008.

Nordic Diana

Coaster Nordic Diana loading round timber at Campbeltown's New Quay 21 December 2008.

Ice Explorer

Tanker Ice Explorer inbound for Finnart 22 December 2008.


Bulk carrier Pruva unloading at Hunterston with Adrianople at the re-loader 22 December 2008.


Clyde Marine Services' Rover heading for Fairlie Quay 22 December 2008.


Cargo vessel Adrianople being pushed astern onto the lee side of Hunterston jetty by Ayton Cross and Svitzer Mallaig with Prem Veena already on the outside 21 December 2008. An interesting maneuver in a freshening west wind with the last photo showing a bigsideways push to get her alongside..... Images captured by ClydeNavalGazing correspondent Neil Robertson.


Greek registered tanker Ludovic arriving at Campbeltown 20 December 2008, attended by the ubiquitous Svitzer Mallaig.

Prem Veena

Bulk carrier Prem Veena at Hunterston 20 December 2008.

Reconstruction of Largs Pier

The first major pile (as far as I have seen!) going in 16 December 2008.

A unique picture (again, as far I know!!) of the WWII munitions which were found (and laid on the pier!) by the contractors 08 December 2008. Provided by ClydeNavalGazing correspondent DC.

Reconstruction of Largs Pier

Another piece of the jigsaw in place 15 December 2008.

Bro Designer

Regular visitor, tanker Bro Designer, inbound for Finnart 15 December 2008.

SD Waterman

SD Waterman takes some weather as she goes around to the lee side while delivering potable water to Silver Constellation 15 December 2008. I was under the impression that Silver Constellation had been given permission to proceed to Lisbon for repairs, however, she is still here!

Torm Gerd

Pictured is the Dutch registered Crown Breeze leaving Campbeltown 14 December 2008 with a cargo of round timber. Built in 1999, she is 88 metres overall and has a deadweight of 3400 tonnes. In the background is Torm Gerd, a products tanker which had berthed earlier with a cargo of a aviation fuel. Owned by A/S Torm of Copenhagen and managed by MR Management she was built in by STX, South Korea in 2002. She is 183 metres overall and has a deadweight of 45940 tonnes. She is scheduled to sail on 16th December.


Bulk carrier Nordtrave unloading at Hunterston 13 December 2008.

Reconstruction of Largs Pier

The work continues (after the small hiccup)! 10 December 2008

Reconstruction of Largs Pier

Talk of the country 08 December 2008, when the "Constructors" came across some unexploded WWII ordinance and brought it onto the Pier!

Strathclyde Police ascertain the position.

The exclusion zone.

The good Burghers of Millport anxious to get home (outside the exclusion zone!).


CMS' Cruiser, personnel support for the current trials of Dauntless heading for Fairlie Quay 07 December 2008. The Quay is the base for this (and possibly future) trials due to the current reconstruction of Largs Pier.


Fisheries Protection's Minna inbound 07 December 2008.


Not shipping related at all (other than you can sit outside and observe passage) the iconic Nardini's Cafe has re-opened 06 December 2008.

Marida Marguerite

Tanker Marida Marguerite inbound for Finnart 06 December 2008.

Reconstruction of Largs Pier

A working gantry 03 December 2008.

Side piles (or are they being removed?) 05 December 2008.

Reconstruction of Largs Pier

A crane arrives 21 November 2008.

Ready for some wind? 22 November 2008.

A large hole? 28 November 2008

The piling has begun 28 November 2008.

Reconstruction of Largs Pier

? 04 November 2008

?? 06 November 2008

Ah, that's what it's for! 12 November 2008

There must be some holes in it now? 14 November 2008

Reconstruction of Largs Pier

Blog of the reconstruction of Largs Pier.

The first material arrives 27 October 2008.

Containers waiting.....28 October 2008,

A new construction? 01 November 2008

Site Rules 01 November 2008.

AMT Discoverer

Barge AMT Discoverer being turned in the Hunterston Channel by Svitzer Mallaig and Ayton Cross 05 December 2008. She lay at Fairlie Quay for two nights and is now bound for Fergusons at Port Glasgoow.

Svitzer Mallaig

Tug Svitzer Mallaig took advantage of a quiet period to test her fire pumps April 2008. Picture provided by ClydeNavalGazing correspondent NWP.

AMT Discoverer

Farnham based Anchor Marine Transportation barge AMT Discoverer ushered up the Hunterston Channel towards Fairlie Quay by Svitzer's Svitzer Mallaig and Ayton Cross 03 December 2008. Apparently she is bound for Ferguson's Shipyard for some remedial work.