Vega Stockholm

Container vessel Vega Stockholm outbound for Belfast 09 May 2008. A difficult day for photography.

Vega Stockholm

Container vessels Vega Stockholm and Velasquez unloading at GOT 09 May 2008.


NLB Pharos lies in James Watt dock following inspection in Garvel dry dock 009 May 2008.


Panamanian registered Dredger Deepworker lies in James Watt dock following inspection in Garvel 09 May 2008.


Regular visitor Meriwa lies off Greenock Esplanade waiting to berth at GOT 09 May 2008.


Coaster Jason at anchor off Gourock while SD Salmoor passes, heading for Luce Bay, 09 May 2008.

Princess Nadia

Bulk carrier Princess Nadia takes bunkers from tanker Sara within two hours of arriving at Hunterston 08 May 2008. As is becoming the norm, Sara spent a couple of days waiting in Brodick Bay.

Dubai Legend

Tanker Dubai Legend lies in Irvine Bay, off Saltcoats 08 May 2008. Later that afternoon, she moved upstream to Finnart.


Gibraltan registered heavy lift cargo ship Skaftafell pictured off Campbeltown 07 May 2008 by ClydeNavalGazing correspondent John Stewart. She was there to load wind turbines manufactured by Vestas at Machrihanish, understood to be bound for North America.

USS Nicholas

US Navy guided missile frigate USS Nicholas (FFG 47) shot from Helensburgh 02 May 2008 by ClydeNavalGazing correspondent John Stewart. A great long range shot off Greenock.


Coaster Lecko loading with round timber at Campbeltown bound for Tofte, Norway 06 May 2008. A super shot by ClydeNavalGazing correspondent John Stewart.

Loch Riddon

Caledonian Macbrayne's Loch Riddon passes Loch Shira on the first double vessel day of 2008- 05 May 2008. Loch Riddon worked hard to keep up with her bigger sister after they went to continuous running due to the volume of traffic.


Coaster Nordstern slips downstream 05 May 2008.


Kielder inbound from Glensanda 05 May 2008 with Mountstuart in the background. Warm at last!


Daring returning up river to Scotstoun attended by Bruiser and Battler 02 May 2008. Interesting shots captured by ClydeNavalGazing correspondent Stuart Cameron from Waverley.

SD Impulse

SD Impulse along with a Royal Netherlands Navy Walrus Class submarine (Walrus?) 04 May 2008. SD Impulse was carrying the team which recovered the submarine's towed sonar array.

SD Dexterous

SD Dexterous returning to the Gareloch 03 May 2008.

SD Impulse

SD Impulse steaming for Gareloch 03 May 2008. She was involved in moving Maersk Rapier from Loch Striven to Garelochead.

Maersk Rapier

Tanker Maersk Rapier moving from Loch Striven to Garelochead 03 May 2008, much to the consternation of some yachts!