Pipelayer Audacia uses No. 6 anchorage for crew change, bunkers and resupply enroute to another job 07 June 2013.

Vanguard Class

A Vanguard Class submarine inbound, nicely framed by Audacia's boom 07 June 2013.

Clyde Clipper

Clyde Marine's Clyde Clipper undertakes the role of tender to Audacia 07 June 2013.


Marine Scotland's FPV Minna in JWD 02 June 2013.

Hanse Courage

Container vessel Hanse Courage at GOT 02 June 2013.

SD Reliable

Serco tug SD Reliable pushing on for Loch Long 02 June 2013.

SD Clyde Spirit

Serco pilot cutter SD Clyde Spirit heading for Loch Long 02 June 2013.


Pilot cutter Toward approaching Kilcreggan 02 June 2013.


Westminster Dredging Company's Shoalway heading for the dumping grounds Glasgow 02 June 2013.


Passenger ferry Seabus arrives at Kilcreggan 02 June 2013.