Challenger of Leith

Coastworks' workboat Challenger of Leith in Clyde Marina 24 March 2011.

Loch Bhrusda

Caledonian Macbrayne's Loch Bhrusda loads crew cars at Largs enroute to Mallaig 23 March 2011. She will keep the Mallaig -Armadale run warm for Coruisk.

Early sign of summer

The first sign of summer as Loch Riddon returns to Largs for the season 22 March 2011.

Sound of Sanda

Western Ferries' Sound of Sanda in JWD 22 March 2011.


Container vessels Ice Runner and X-Press Matterhorn at GOT 22 March 2011.  Nice to see a cant on Matterhorn as she is loaded (outbound two hours later)!


Bulk carrier Aquajoy finishes unloading at Hunterston 22 March 2011, her replacement already waits in Irvine Bay!

HMS Bangor

HMS Bangor (M109) inbound with Seabus passing 22 March 2011.

SD Moorhen

SD Moorhen in JWD 22 March 2011 with the boneyard (two Sal boats, Colonel Templar, SD Tormentor etc.) as a backdrop.