SD Bountiful

Serco's Damen built tug SD Bountiful in the "new" corporate livery (TUTT SD Powerful inside) 23 December 2012.

Portsmouth Harbour Station Pier

Spirit of Gosport docks at Portsmouth Harbour Station Pier whilst Wight Ryder II takes on passengers 23 December 2012.

River Class

Two 'River' class patrol vessels in Portsmouth 23 December 2012. HMS Severn (P282) outside with HMS Mersey (P283) inside.


Destroyer York in Portsmouth following her de-commissioning 23 December 2012. Rumour has it that she has been sold to a Turkish scrapyard for £2.9 million.

Timor Stream

Geest Line's Timor Stream takes bunkers from Whitonia whilst unloading bananas at Portsmouth 23 December 2012.

Commodore Goodwill

Condor Ferries' Commodore Goodwill loading at Portsmouth 23 december 2012.

SD Oceanspray

SD Oceanspray in Serco's corporate colours 23 December 2012.

HMS Illustrious

HMS Illustrious (R06) home for Christmas 23 December 2012.

St Faith

Wightlink's ferry St Faith leaves Portsmouth on service 23 December 2012.


Super yacht Amaryllis moored at the base of the Spinnaker Tower 23 December 2012.

SD Navigator

Serco's buoy handling vessel SD Navigator in Portsmouth Harbour 23 December 2012.


Tanker Whitonia inbound to Portsmouth Harbour to deliver bunkers to Timor Stream 23 December 2012.

Seahorse II

Normally berthed in Clyde Marina, far-travelled Seahorse II at Gunwharf Quay 23 December 2012. She is assisting with weapon systems testing for the Type 45 destroyers.

Cailin Oir

Clydelink's backup vessel for the Gourock - Kilcreggan route, chartered from Cape Clear Ferries, Cailin Oir in JWD 14 October 2012.