Maersk Resilient

Jack up rig Maersk Resilient, (classed by Maersk as "available, UK"), at Global Energy Group's Invergordon facility 03 September 2015.


"New for 2015", Cruise and Maritime Voyages Ltd's Azores at Invergordon Admiralty Pier 03 September 2015. This vessel replaces Discovery, and is advertised as "child free"!

Maersk Shipper

Offshore support vessel Maersk Shipper appears to be semi-permanenent in the Cromarty Firth 03 September 2015.


Caledonian Towage Ltd's tug Strathdee in the Cromarty Firth 03 September 2015.

Grampian Talisman

Offshore supply vessel Grampian Talisman, last seen here, waits to enter Scrabster in a brisk northerly 02 September 2015.

FD Untouchable

Offshore supply vessel FD Untouchable, last seen here, inbound for Scrabster 02 September 2015.


Scrabster Harbour's Stan Damen 1606 tug Highlanders on station 02 September 2015.

RNLB The Taylors

RNLB The Taylors (17-42) on station in Scrabster 02 September 2015.