Hallaig and Loch Shira (and one in the middle!) 27 October 2017.

Hallaig inbound for Largs Pier

Loch Shira

Cumbrae ferry Loch Shira on service (Loch Buie at Largs Pier) 27 October 2017.

Loch Shira at Cumbrae Slip in the very welcome autumn sunshine!

Loch Buie

Calmac's Iona ferry Loch Buie leaves Largs for JWD 27 October 2017.


Calmac ferry Bute heads for Wemyss Bay enroute to JWD 27 October 2017.


Rothesay ferry Bute conducts berthing trials at Fairlie Quay 27 October 2017.

CalMac will need to be careful or the good Burghers of Fairlie will serve them a Smoke Abatement Notice!


Pilot cutter Gantock heads for NACC Poros 22 October 2017.

NACC Poros

Cement carrier NACC Poros inbound 22 October 2017.

Ronja Supporter

Ronja Supporter catches a squall mid channel 22 October 2017.