SD Salmoor

SD Salmoor returning to Great Harbour after a sojourn at Luce Bay 08 July 2008.

RFA Orangeleaf

RFA fleet tanker Orangeleaf outbound 08 July 2008. She undertook some interesting maneouvres in Rothesay Bay, aided by SD Impulse and SD Impetus, before finally leaving Loch Striven

Loch Bhrusda

Caledonian Macbrayne's Loch Bhrusda on relief at Largs with PSPS Waverley arriving from Rothesay in the background 08 July 2008. Interesting, these two vessels are unique (IMHO) as being the most distinctive sounding (in their own, and very different ways!) on the Clyde at the moment. Unmistakeable!


Yacht Adix re-appeared at Largs overnight following her attendance at the recent Fife Regatta. Seen here 08 July 2008.

Grand Princess

Liner Grand Princess outbound for Invergordon from GOT 07 July 2008.

Loch Bhrusda

Caledonian Macbrayne's Loch Bhrusda took up temporary service at Largs today 07 July 2008, as Loch Riddon went to Garvel for some welding on her ramp.