Tanker Kerkyra outbound after delivering bunkers to Mathilde 30 June 2010.


Bulk carrier Mathilde unloading at Hunterston 30 June 2010.


Svitzer tug Anglegarth preceeding to rendezvous with Mathilde 29 June 2010.

CMS Buster

Munro's tug CMS Buster was on hand to assist in berthing Mathilde 29 June 2010.

Solent Class Lifeboat

An, as yet, unnamed Solent Class Lifeboat seen in Portpatrick Harbour 29 June 2010 by ClydeNavalGazingcorrespondent Bill Dow.

RNLB Peggy Keith Learmond

RNLB Peggy Keith Learmond on exercise 30 June 2010.

Fellow Travellers?

Strange shipmates Maersk Baltimore and Crown Princess off Tomont End 29 June 2010. 


Bulk carrier Mathilde makes her way up channel from Irvine Bay towards Hunterston 29 June 2010.

Kingdom of Fife

Briggs Marine's Kingdom of Fife off Greenock 22 June 2010.

Maersk Baltimore

Maersk Baltimore undergoing "re-activation" off Greenock 22 June 2010.