Cumbrae Service

Loch Riddon and Loch Bhrusda pass on service 13 April 2024.

Loch Bhrusda

The now familiar growl of poorly silenced diesels echoes across Largs Bay as Loch Bhrusda gives much needed capacity on the Largs - Cumbrae Slip run 13 April 2024.

Isle of Cumbrae

Tarbert - Portavadie stalwart Isle of Cumbrae pressed into service on her maiden route, covering the absence of Loch Shira 09 April 2024.

Hav Alda

Coaster Hav Alda out for Lamlash (the ghosts of Hunterston 'A' form a backdrop) 09 April 2024.

Loch Riddon

Another tale of woe for the Cumbrae run, with Loch Shira awaiting resolution foe issues with both ramps, the service was again suspended with Loch Riddon suffering from "fuel pressure" issues 08 April 2024. With a four hour wait from Largs to Cumbrae, the service resumed at 13:30.