The scale of the Vanguard class submarines must be seen to be appreciated 18 April 2011!

HMS Dasher

Archer class patrol vessel HMS Dasher (P280) undertaking escort duties 18 April 2011.

BNS Leopold

BNS (Belgian Naval Ship) frigate Leopold (F930) at Campbeltown 16 April 2011.  Formerly HNLMS Karel Dorman (weird thing is that she appears to be flying the Dutch ensign?). Post provided by "our man in Campbeltown" ClydeNavalGazing correspondent John Stewart.

Van Amstel

Karel Doorman class frigate HNLMS Van Amstel arrived back from JW 15 April 2011.

RIB were launched to uplift VIP's from Largs Pier.

I take it that the Captain joining the vessel was in a hurry, as the two RIB almost collided in transit. Van Amstel then spent a few hours annoying the yachting fraternity by making fast 180 degree turns off the Skellmorlie Bank!