Arklow Venus

Arklow Venus outbound for Kilroot 24 October 2008.


Caledonian Macbrayne's Saturn freshly painted in James Watt Dock 24 October 2008.

Loch Nevis

Caledonian Macbrayne's individual Small Isles ferry Loch Nevis in James Watt Dock following a visit to the Garvel dry dock 24 October 2008

Pole Star

NLB vessel Pole Star lying in JWD 24 October 2008.


Container vessels Canopus J and Vega Stockholm loading at GOT 24 October 2008.


Customs cutter Seeker lying in James Watt Dock 24 October 2008.

MT Hummel

Motor tanker Hummel, accompanied by pilot cutter Mount Stuart, outbound for Amsterdam 24 October 2008.

Admiral Ushakov

Bulk carrier Admiral Ushakov berthed at Hunterston early a.m. 22 October 2008. Is it only me, or do a lot of the current arrivals appear half empty? In the interim, Hengshanhai spent the day "hingin aboot" the Mull, I take that they have received the advance forecast!


Bulk carrier Hengshanhai unloading at Hunterston 21 October 2008. She completed unloading and left for an undisclosed destination 22 October.

Ayton Cross

Ayton Cross moves in to secure the bow 18 October 2008.

Svitzer Mallaig

Svitzer Mallaig on the shoulder 18 October 2008.

Warrior III

Svitzer tug Warrior III (unusually) took the back door for the arrival of Hengshanhai 18 October 2008.


Panamax size 1 bulk carrier Hengshanhai inbound for Hunterston 18 October 2008.

Accompanied by the Svitzer boys!

RNLB Peggy Keith Learmond

RNLB Peggy Keith Learmond returning to Largs from service 18 October 2008.

Leroy Grumman

After a brief visit to Loch Striven, USNS Leroy Grumman outbound 18 October 2008. There must have been some issues as over two hours elapsed between the arrival of the tugs and pilots and the eventual slipping from the berth!