Loch Shira

Caledonian Macbrayne's Loch Shira on service 24 December 2009. A Merry Christmas from all at ClydeNavalGazing!

Perseus J

Container vessel Perseus J inbound for GOT from Liverpool 12 December 2009.

Fort Rosalie

After several weeks hanging about the Clyde and associated Lochs, RFA Fort Rosalie (A385) eventually left 12 December 2009.


North West Marine's workboat Laxi working in Clyde Marina 03 December 2009.

Ronja Carrier

Another of the SĂžlvtrans sisters (fish carriers) Ronja Carrier lying at Ardrossan 03 December 2009. She has been there for some time, any ideas? [Edit] Leaving Ardrossan 21:00 04/12/09, destination unspecified.[/Edit]

Golden Ice

Bulk carrier Golden Ice inbound for Hunterston 30 November 2009 (Svitzer Milford in attendance).

Svitzer Milford

Tug Svitzer Milford en route to release Bellatrix from Hunterston 30 November 2009.


Clydeport's Torch escorts pilot cutter Toward to Greenock from Largs Yacht Haven 30 November 2009.

Loch Alainn

Caledonian Macbrayne's Loch Alainn lying dead ship at Largs 29 November 2009. At long last the rain has stopped! (She is heading for Ardmaleish for overhaul 30 November)

HMS Ledbury

Minehunter HMS Ledbury (M30) in the Largs Channel 19 November 2009 (from ClydeNavalGazing correspondent Neil Robertson).


Bulk carrier Bellatrix heading for Hunterston 28 November 2009. Svitzer tugs Anglegarth (stern) and Ayton Cross (bow) in attendance.

Liquid Gold

After spending a couple of weeks berthed at Great Harbour, Greenock, tanker Liquid Gold outbound 28 November 2009.

Loch Alainn

Caledonian Macbrayne's Loch Alainn at Largs Pier enroute for annual service at Ardmaleish 06 November 2009.

Atlantic Breeze

Bulk carrier Atlantic Breeze waits to be unloaded at Hunterston 25 October 2009. It would appear that the cranes are tied in during the high winds?

Loch Linnhe

Caledonian Macbrayne's Loch Linnhe lying at Largs Pier enroute to Ardmaleish 25 October 2009.

Lord of the Isles

Caledonian Macbrayne's Lord of the Isles "makes smoke" at No.2 berth 22 October 2009. After a delayed arrival from Colinsay due to an unexpected full vehicular load (only one van could not be accommodated, a feat of management by deck staff!) requiring ballast adjustments, LOTI had to skip to avoid delaying the arrival of Isle of Mull!

Ronja Viking

Live fish carrier Ronja Viking approaching Lismore Lighthouse 23 October 2009.

RNLB Mora Edith Macdonald

RNLB Mora Edith MacDonald on service to a diver emergency 23 October 2009.

Hebridean Princess

Hebridean Princess alongside the Lighthouse Pier, Oban 22 October 2009.


Type 45 destroyer Diamond off Skelmorlie whilst on trials 21 October 2009.

Isle of Mull

Caledonian Macbrayne's Isle of Mull passes Eigg (Hutcheson's memorial in the background) inbound to Oban 21 October 2009.

Hebridean Isles

A smoky Caledonian Macbrayne's Hebridean Isles leaves Oban for Colonsay 21 October 2009.

HMS Northumberland

Type 23 frigate HMS Northumberland running the noise range in Loch Fyne 21 October 2009.

SD Clyde Racer

Pilot vessel SD Clyde Racer off Greenock 16 October 2009.

Pole Star

NLB Pole Star off Greenock 16 October 2009.

BNS Defensora

Brazilian frigate BNS Defensora inbound 16 October 2009.


Container vessel Helgaland inbound 16 October 2009.


Bulk carrier Vasos in the autumn sunshine 15 October 2009.

HMS Hurworth

Hunt class minehunter HMS Hurworth (M39) off Gourock 12 October 2009.

HMS Roebuck

Survey vessel HMS Roebuck (H130) off Gourock 12 October 2009.


Ferry Seabus approaches Gourock on service 12 October 2009.

Golden Strength

Bulk carrier Golden Strength outbound for Lulea, Sweden 11 October 2009.


Svitzer tug Anglegarth returning to JWD 11 October 2009.

HNoS Ula

HNosMS Ula (S300) is the name ship of a class of 6 diesel electric submarines built for the Royal Norwegian Navy between 1989 and 1992. She is 59m in length and displaces 1040 tons (1150 tons submerged) and has an underwater speed of 24 knots. She and her sisters form the 1st Submarine Squadron based at Haakonsven, Bergen. All of the boats were modernised between 2006 and 2008.

Fionia Swan

Tanker Fionia Swan outbound for Belfast 05 October 2009.

USS Cole

USS Cole (DDG- 67), an "Arleigh Burke" class Aegis-equipped guided missile destroyer oubound 05 October 2009.

HMS Illustrious

Carrier HMS Illustrious (R06) outbound 05 October 2009.

Largs Pier

Largs Pier open to the public 04 September 2009.

HDMS Absalon

The Royal Danish Navy's Flagship HDMS Absalon (L16) outbound 04 September 2009.

USNS Laramie

US Military Sealift Command's USNS Laramie (T-AO 203) outbound 04 October 2009.

X-press Matterhorn

Container vessels X-press Matterhorn and Lys Point unloading at GOT 02 October 2009.

HMCS Preserver

Auxiliary Oil Replenishment (AOR) vessel HMCS Preserver (510) anchored off Greenock 02 October 2009. More details available here.

Lough Foyle

Dredger Lough Foyle continues overhaul in JWD 02 October 2009 (she does look pretty!).

Isle of Mull

Caledonian Macbrayne's Isle of Mull on service 20 September 2009.


Caledonian Macbrayne's Eigg on service 22 Spetember 2009.


RLC Arromanches (L105) in the Sound of Mull 22 September 2009.


Coaster Flinterbelt in the Sound of Mull bound for Rauma 22 September 2009.

Margaret Sinclair

Workboat Margaret Sinclair alongside Craignure 22 September 2009.