Prem Veena

Bulk carrier Prem Veena at Hunterston 20 December 2008.

Reconstruction of Largs Pier

The first major pile (as far as I have seen!) going in 16 December 2008.

A unique picture (again, as far I know!!) of the WWII munitions which were found (and laid on the pier!) by the contractors 08 December 2008. Provided by ClydeNavalGazing correspondent DC.

Reconstruction of Largs Pier

Another piece of the jigsaw in place 15 December 2008.

Bro Designer

Regular visitor, tanker Bro Designer, inbound for Finnart 15 December 2008.

SD Waterman

SD Waterman takes some weather as she goes around to the lee side while delivering potable water to Silver Constellation 15 December 2008. I was under the impression that Silver Constellation had been given permission to proceed to Lisbon for repairs, however, she is still here!

Torm Gerd

Pictured is the Dutch registered Crown Breeze leaving Campbeltown 14 December 2008 with a cargo of round timber. Built in 1999, she is 88 metres overall and has a deadweight of 3400 tonnes. In the background is Torm Gerd, a products tanker which had berthed earlier with a cargo of a aviation fuel. Owned by A/S Torm of Copenhagen and managed by MR Management she was built in by STX, South Korea in 2002. She is 183 metres overall and has a deadweight of 45940 tonnes. She is scheduled to sail on 16th December.


Bulk carrier Nordtrave unloading at Hunterston 13 December 2008.