Ben Crom

Coastworks' Ben Crom punches her way North 06 February 2009.

Aeolian Spirit

After spending some time lying in Irvine Bay, bulker Aeolian Spirit unloads at Hunterston 06 February 2009.

Reconstruction of Largs Pier

Another mile(pile?)stone 05 February 2009.

Loch Shira

After some days of rain, sleet, snow and gales, Caledonian Macbrayne's Loch Shira sails on service in better weather 03 February 2009.

Cape Jacaranda

Cape Jacaranda still unloading, albeit in better weather 03 February 2009!

BM Mimosa

Whitchampion delivering bunkers to BM Mimosa 01 February 2009. A poor photograph, but I was hoping for some better light the next day (some chance!).


Tanker Whitchampion inbound, passing Ice Explorer, enroute to deliver bunkers to BM Mimosa 01 February 2009.

BM Mimosa

Tanker BM Mimosa, inbound from Rotterdam, lies at No. 5 Anchorage awaiting bunkers before proceeding to Finnart 01 February 2009.


Self-discharging coaster Aasli inbound for Glasgow 01 February 2009.