Maersk Bentonville

Container vessel Maersk Bentonville temprarily laid up at Anchorage No.2 on the Clyde 22 May 2009.

Lay up

Container vessels Sealand Performance and Maersk Beaumont laid up on the Clyde 22 May 2009. The vessels are eventually bound for longer term lay up in Loch Striven.

Maersk Bentonville

Container vessel Maersk Bentonville approaching Cumbrae pilot station enroute to lay up 22 May 2009.


I thought at first that tanker Hrvatska was coming to join the graveyard 19 May 2009, however she is bound for Finnart.

Reconstruction of Largs Pier

No more "clear blue water" 19 May 2009.


Due to the sensitive nature of the move, the Police had rapid intervention personnel, equipped with RIBs, "hanging about" 18 May 2009.

SD Clyde Spirit

Pilot cutter SD Clyde Spirit was on hand to supply the Naval pilots for the Valiant move 19 May 2009.

Svitzer tugs

Three Svitzer tugs were involved in the Valiant Jetty maneouver 19 May 2009 (left to right Svitzer Milford, Svitzer Mallaig and Ayton Cross).

Ali Cat

Passenger vessel Ali Cat returning to her James Watt Dock berth after service on Caledonian Macbrayne's Gourock - Dunoon service 19 May 2009.


MOD police launch Gigha "fending off" 19 May 2009.

SD Impetus

Tug SD Impetus applies a nudge 19 May 2009.

SD Dexterous

Tug SD Dexterous takes up the slack on the Valiant Jetty 19 May 2009.


Historic tug Holland off Campbeltown 18 May 2009.

Valiant Jetty

The Valiant Jetty enroute to Faslane 19 May 2009.

Passing Princes Pier.

Directing operations.


Clyde Marine Services' Biter seen off Largs 18 May 2009. I believe that she was delivering stores to Sealand Performance?

Loch Bhrusda

Caledonian Macbrayne's Loch Bhrusda arriving at Largs prior to taking over service from Loch Shira 18 May 2009.