RFA Tideforce

RFA Tideforce (A139) arrives at Hunterston to join RFA Tiderace (Ayton Cross assists) 10 December 2020.

HMS Grimsby

Minehunter HMS Grimsby (M108) off Gourock 08 December 2020.

Argyll Flyer

Argyll Flyer on service 08 December 2020.

HMS Tyne

HMS Tyne (P281) off Gourock 08 December 2020. .

SD Clyde Racer

Pilot cutter SD Clyde Racer inbound 08 December 2020..

Challenger of Leith

Coastworks' Challenger of Leith inbound 08 December 2020..

Loch Shira

Cumbrae ferry Loch Shira on service 07 December 2020.

RFA Tiderace

RFA Tiderace (A137) at Hunterston 07 December 2020.