Bro Deliverer

Tanker Bro Deliverer outbound for Belfast 26 December 2008, she only arrived at Finnart early hours of Christmas Day! The queues, however, are not abating!


Tanker Agdash inbound for Finnart 26 December 2008. Passing Silver Constellation, which appears to be coming a permanent fixture!

Castillo de Catoira

Motor tanker Sara delivers bunkers to Castillo de Catoira at Hunterston, Christmas Day 2008. A very merry Christmas to all from ClydeNavalGazing!

Castillo de Catoira

Bulk Carrier Castillo de Catoira heading down past Largs into Hunterston on a grey Christmas Eve morning with Warrior III and Svitzer Mallaig assisting. Ayton Cross was there but was hidden on the starboard side. An image from ClydeNavalGazing correspondent Neil Robertson.


Coaster Mornes at the re-loader whilst Pruva is unloaded at Hunterston 23 December 2008.

Nordic Diana

Coaster Nordic Diana loading round timber at Campbeltown's New Quay 21 December 2008.

Ice Explorer

Tanker Ice Explorer inbound for Finnart 22 December 2008.


Bulk carrier Pruva unloading at Hunterston with Adrianople at the re-loader 22 December 2008.


Clyde Marine Services' Rover heading for Fairlie Quay 22 December 2008.


Cargo vessel Adrianople being pushed astern onto the lee side of Hunterston jetty by Ayton Cross and Svitzer Mallaig with Prem Veena already on the outside 21 December 2008. An interesting maneuver in a freshening west wind with the last photo showing a bigsideways push to get her alongside..... Images captured by ClydeNavalGazing correspondent Neil Robertson.


Greek registered tanker Ludovic arriving at Campbeltown 20 December 2008, attended by the ubiquitous Svitzer Mallaig.