Reconstruction of Largs Pier

Demolition of the old leg is complete and the form and scale of the replacement can now be seen 15 April 2009.

Hoo Ha

Yacht Hoo Ha lived up to her name when she decided to ignore the lights at Ardrossan Harbour 16 April 2009. She also ignored repeated radio calls from Ardrossan Harbour Control and NINE blasts from the departing Caledonian Isles!

Caledonian Isles

Caledonian Macbrayne's Caledonian Isles lying at the "Irish berth", Ardrossan, due to the brisk North Easterly 16 April 2009.

Easter Monday

Caledonian Macbrayne's Cumbrae ferries Loch Shira and Loch Riddon went to continuous running in the evening to ensure that the weekenders got home 13 April 2009.

Loch Riddon

Caledonian Macbrayne's Loch Riddon resolves the issue of the lack of berthing during the reconstruction of Largs Pier 13 April 2009. In true "Loch" fashion, she just lies in the bay! On Sunday she dropped the hook (the first I think for Many Years), not quite where her forebears Coruisk and Largs lay, but they had a barrel!

SD Salmoor

SD Salmoor inbound for Greenock 10 April 2009.

Ronja Viking

Live fish carrier Ronja Viking lying light at Oban's North Pier 10 April 2009.


Caledonian Macbrayne's Eigg plays follow-my-leader with Isle of Mull in Oban Bay 10 April 2009.

Brunhilde Salamon

Bulk carrier Brunhilde Salamon inbound for Hunterston 12 April 2009.

Loch Riddon

Caledonian Macbrayne's Loch Riddon passes Brunhilde Salamon en route to Largs from her overnight berth at Fairlie Quay 12 April 2009.

Tina C

Coaster Tina C inbound for Glasgow 12 April 2009.

Margareta B

Container vessel Margareta B outbound for Rotterdam 11 April 2009.


Caledonian Macbrayne's Jupiter heading for Dunoon 10 April 2009.

Good Friday

The Good Friday (10 April 2009) rush created a huge volume of traffic heading west for Western ferries. The service coped admirably with all linkspans in use.

Sound of Shuna and Sound of Scarba at McInroy's Point.

Sound of Scalpay and Sound of Scarba unloading at Hunters Quay.

All lanes full and traffic standing on the main road!

Glen Massan

Passenger cruiser Glen Massan lying at Oban 10 April 2009.

Forth Drummer

Briggs Marine's Forth Drummer towing Claude Monique off Oban 10 April 2009.


Caledonian Macbrayne's Clansman arrives at Oban 10 April 2009.