Clydeport's "new" pilot cutter Gantock (ex Harwich vessel Haven Hawk) at Princes Pier 12 August 2012.


Tanker Levana off Greenock 12 August 2012.

SD Northern River

Serco's SD Northern River lies outside SD Newton in Great Harbour 12 August 2012.

SD Oilman

Serco's oiling barge SD Oilman has also received the new colours 12 August 2012.

SD Waterpress

Serco's water barge SD Waterpress lies in Great Harbour with a new paint job 12 August 2012. Apparently all the Serco vessels will receive the same house colours as SD Northern River in an attempt to lift the company profile.


Coaster Tistedal waits to enter GOT 11 August 2012.

Antje Schulte

Container vessel Antje Schulte inbound for GOT 11 August 2012.

Maid of Glencoul

Relief Corran ferry Maid of Glencoul at anchor off Ardgour 08 August 2012.


Corran ferry Corran approaching Ardgour on service 08 August 2012.