HMS Astute

HMS Astute caught by ClydeNavalGazing correspondent Callum Satchel 12 April 2010.


Coaster Aasli inbound 13 April 2010.

USS Laboon

Pilot vessel SD Clyde Racer delivers a pilot to outbound USS Laboon (DDG58) 12 April 2010.

RNLB Peggy Keith Learmond

It must be important (but what were they doing?). RNLB Peggy Keith Learmond on exercise 11 April 2010.

Loch Riddon

Caledonian Macbrayne's Loch Riddon carries out emergency drills 11 April 2010.

Foyle Venture

Lough Foyle Ferry Company's Foyle Venture "ventures" far from home heading for the Garvel for annual maintenance 11 April 2010.

HNLMS Walrus

HNMLS Walrus (S802) inbound for Faslane 11 April 2010.