ClydeNavalGazing correpondent Neil Robertson braved the awful weather to get the following action shots 27 March 2009.

HMS Shoreham and HMS Walney exchange signals in the NW gales.

Coaster Clydenes heading for Hunterston with HMS Walney (M104) passing.

Loch Portain

Caledonian Macbrayne's Loch Portain passing Loch Shira on an abortive (due to extreme westerly gales) attempt to return home to Harris 18 March 2009. She lay in Millport Bay for some time before returning to JWD. Picture by ClydeNavalGazing correspondent Neil Robertson.

Peruvian Express

Bulk carrier Peruvian Express unloading at Hunterston 28 March 2009.

Clyde Marina

The gates of Clyde Marina remained firmly closed during the NW gales 26 March 2009.

Reconstruction of Largs Pier

Work continues six days a week. 27 March 2009.

Forward Bridge

Tanker Forward Bridge lying in Irvine Bay, waiting to head upstream to Finnart, 27 March 2009.

Sichem Hiroshima

Tanker Sichem Hiroshima inbound for Clydebank 27 March 2009.

Wilson Grimsby

Coaster Wilson Grimsby inbound for Glasgow with bulker Brunhilde Salamon outbound for Murmansk 26 March 2009. Grimsby didn't appear to have much freeboard in rough seas!


Container vessel Velasquez inbound for GOT 26 March 2009.

River Blyth

Coaster River Blyth lying in Whiting Bay enroute to Ayr 26 March 2009.

Reconstruction of Largs Pier

The demolition takes advantage of the low tides 25 March 2009!

Brunhilde Salamon

Bulk carrier Brunhilde Salamon discharging at Hunterston 25 March 2009. Peruvian Express is already lying in Irvine Bay waiting to take her place!