Arklow Vanguard

Coaster Arklow Vanguard off Gourock 11 August 2022.

Isle of Cumbrae

Caledonian Macbrayne's Isle of Cumbrae arrives at Tarbert 11 August 2022.

Ernest and Mary Shaw

Campbeltown lifeboat Ernest and Mary Shaw (17-19) on station 10 August 2022. Her normal berth is being upgraded.


Live fish carrier Ronjafisk leaves Campbeltown Harbour 10 August 2022.


Coaster Celtic at anchor off Gourock 10 August 2022.

Celtic moving upriver 11 August 2022.

Petrojarl Foinaven

Floating production storage and offloading vessel Petrojarl Foinaven is to be decommissioned and has arrived at Hunterston to have all BP Identification removed 08 August 2022.

Petrojarl Foinaven docked at Hunterson (Maersk Lifter outside).

Pilot cutter Skua and tug Svitzer Milford in on the act.

Tug Anglegarth was there too (tug Svitzer Warden had already been released).

Svitzer Milford and Anglegarth provide the "push".

Petrojarl Foinaven with Svitzer Minder.

Sound of Soay

Western ferries' Sound of Soay inbound on service (Einstein astern) 08 August 2022.


Coaster Runner loads round timber at Sandbank 08 August 2022.


Container vessel Einstein waits off Gourock 08 August 2022.


Tanker Nobleway out bound for Georgetown 29 July 2022.