SD Oronsay

Liberty tender SD Oronsay transporting VIP passengers to a reception aboard RFA Largs Bay 29 August 2008.

Calmac and Largs Bay

RFA Largs Bay visiting Largs Bay for the local Viking Festival.

Caledonian Macbrayne's Loch Shira passing while liberty tender SD Oronsay lies alongside 29 August 2008.

Caledonian Macbrayne's Loch Riddon back in service to carry the "cowboys" to Millport's Country and Western weekend 29 August 2008.

Canopus J

Container vessel Canopus J outbound on her regular run to Bilbao 29 August 2008 (visitor in the foreground).

Ever Shining

Bulk carrier Ever Shining lying at Hunterston 29 August 2008. Looks like she won't be there long, with Constantinoupolis lying in Irvine Bay (could be interesting if she decide to come upstream when Largs Bay is in her way!).

Bro Designer

Tanker Bro Designer inbound for Finnart 24 August 2008.