Gwendoline P

A forlorn Gwendoline P lies in Portsmouth Harbour 14 May 2014.

HMS Mersey

Patrol vessel HMS Mersey (P283) receiving some TLC 14 May 2014.


Whitaker Tankers' Whitchallenger outbound after delivering bunkers to the Britanny Ferries trio 14 May 2014.


MOD police launch Endeavour on patrol 14 May 2014.

Celebrity Infinity

Cruise liner Celebrity Infinity at GOT 19 May 2014.


Brittany Ferries' Bretagne loading in Portsmouth 14 May 2014.

Cumbrian Fisher

Tanker Cumbrian Fisher in Portsmouth Harbour 14 May 2014.

HMS Puncher

"Archer" Class Patrol vessel HMS Puncher (P291), attached to London's University Royal Naval Unit, in Portsmouth Harbour 14 May 2014.

HMS Blazer

"Archer" Class Patrol vessel HMS Blazer (P279), attached to the Southampton University Royal Naval Unit, outbound 14 May 2014.

Wight Ryder II

Wightlink's passenger catamaran Wight Ryder II inbound 14 May 2014.


Brittany Ferries' Etretat outbound for Le Havre 14 May 2014.

Cap Finistère

Britanny Ferries' Cap Finistère outbound for Santander 14 May 2014.