Believe it or not, this is coaster Mornes arriving at Hunterston 06 June 2008. Her Master is a "Master" of the "reverse park"!

Hanseatic Scout

Coaster Hanseatic Scout enroute from Glasgow to Leixoes, Portugal 06 June 2008.


Coaster Clydenes leaves Hunterston for Manisty amid the National Laser Championships 06 June 2008.

Apollo Eagle

Coaster Apollo Eagle heading for Glasgow 06 June 2008.

Spirit of Adventure

Cruise liner Spirit of Adventure passing Tomont End en route to Liverpool 06 June 2008. More details can be found here.

Mount Stuart

Pilot Cutter Mount Stuart passes Caledonian Macbrayne's Loch Riddon enroute to a rendezvous with liner Spirit of Adventure 06 June 2008.

Genmar Harriet G

Finally, after eighteen days in Irvine Bay, tanker Genmar Harriet G moves up firth to Finnart 06 June 2008. Was she waiting for the price of oil to go up (or down)?


Dutch registered coaster Flinterbelt loading timber at Campbeltown's New Quay 04 June 2008. She is operated by Nordic Chartering Ltd.

Ben Crom

Coastworks' "heavily constructed seaworthy twin screw workboat" Ben Crom returning to Largs Marina 05 June 2008.

Seahorse II

Argyll Workboats' Seahorse II arrives back at Ardrossan (her home berth of late) from Greenock with Caledonian Macbrayne's Caledonian Isles heading for Brodick in the background 03 June 2008.

Saga Rose

Liner Saga Rose enroute from GOT to Belfast 02 June 2008.

Fort Austin

RFA Fort Austin heading for Dubai 02 June 2008.

Bulk India

Bulk carrier Bulk India leaves Hunterston for Guaiba, Brazil 02 June 2008.

HMS Walney

Minesweeper HMS Walney doting about south of Wee Cumbrae 02 June 2008.