Container vessel Petuja outbound on her usual run to Bilbao 02 August 2008. (Equinox in the foreground?)

Mount Stuart

Pilot cutter Mount Stuart pays a rare visit to Largs Pier (usually she lies at Largs Yacht Haven) between outbound Sten Hidra and inbound Coal Pride 02 August 2008. Maybe the pilot was wanting a newspaper?

Sten Hidra

Tanker Sten Hidra outbound for Stade 02 August 2008.

RNLB Peggy Keith Learmond

RNLB Peggy Keith Learmond returning to Largs from service 02 August 2008.


Coaster Aasfjord slips upstream for Glasgow 30 July 2008.

PS Waverley

CSPS' PS Waverley leaving Largs Pier light for Ardrossan 30 July 2008.

Grace Ritchie

Grace Ritchie on the hard at Fairlie Quay for some TLC 29 July 2008.

Maersk Rapier

Tanker Maersk Rapier and tugs SD Dexterous and SD Impulse were spotted at Campbeltown 28 July 2008.

Nordic Amanda

Coaster Nordic Amanda loading round timber at Campbeltown 28 July 2008.


Solent Towage Ltd.'s (Towing?) Tenax heading for an overnight berth at Fairlie, heading for Greenock 29 July 2008. [Edit 30/07/08] It would appear that Tenax is waiting for a barge(bound for Southampton) to be brought downriver by A.N.Other in order to avoid pilotage dues (allegedly).[/Edit]

C. Columbus

Hapag Lloyd's cruise ship C. Columbus slips downstream for Dublin 29 July 2008.

Dong-A Hermes

Bulk carrier Dong-A Hermes assisted from Hunterston by Svitzer tugs Svitzer Mallaig and Ayton Cross 29 July 2008.


Coaster Aasheim leaves Hunterston for Manisty with a cargo of coal 28 July 2008. Not the best day for photography.

Aegean Princess

Tanker Aegean Princess delivers bunkers to bulk carrier Dong-A Hermes at Hunterston 28 July 2008.


MOD police launch Loyalty in Portsmouth Harbour 25 July 2008.

RFA Largs Bay

Royal Fleet Auxiliary L3006 Largs Bay in Portsmouth Harbour.

Serco Denholm

A selection of Serco Denholm's fleet support vessels in Portsmouth Harbour.

SD Genevieve
SD Inspector
SD Helen

SD Moorhen

SD Netley

SD Bustler

HMS Illustrious

Invincible-class light aircraft carrier R06 HMS Illustrious in Portsmouth Harbour

Japanese trio

A Japanese naval training squadron arrived at Portsmouth Harbour for the "Meet your Navy" weekend. 3508 JDS Kashima, 158 JDS Umigri and 3516 JDS Asagiri.


A few Destroyers in Portsmouth Harbour.

Type 42 D91 HMS Nottingham

Type 42 D95 HMS Manchester

Type 82 D23 HMS Bristol
Now decommissioned, she serves as a Cadet Training Ship


A selection of Frigates in Portsmouth Harbour for the "Meet Your Navy" weekend.

Type 23 F231 HMS Argyll
Type 22 F86 HMS Campbeltown
with Cisne Braco's ensign on show

Type 23 F229 HMS Lancaster

Danish Thetis Class F360 HDMS Hvidbjørnen

Type 23 F237 HMS Westminster

Type 23 F239 HMS Richmond

Dong-A Hermes

An unlikely named Korean bulk carrier Dong-A Hermes unloading at Hunterston 27 July 2008.


Tanker Agdash heading downstream bound for Amsterdam 27 July 2008.

Bro Distributor

Tanker Bro Distributor heading upstream for Finnart 27 July 2008.


"Super yacht" Kiring en route to the Kyles 27 July 2008. How the other half live!

Normandie Express

Britanny Ferries' Normandie Express arriving at Portsmouth 25 July 2008.


Brittany Ferries' Normandie leaving Portsmouth 25 July 2008.


The first ironclad armoured cruiser Warrior dressed overall in Portsmouth Harbour 25 July 2008. More details can be found here.

HMS Victory

The longest serving (commissioned) naval vessel in the world, HMS Victory, in Portsmouth Harbour 17 July 2008. I did not realise that she still has a permanent crew assigned to her!

Cisne Branco

Brazilian Naval tall ship Cisne Branco dressed overall in Portsmouth Harbour 25 July 2008. She was there as part of the "Meet your Navy" weekend ("Navy Days" as was), complete with the biggest ensign I have ever seen! More details can be found here.

JR Tolkien

Two-masted Gaff-topsail Schooner JR Tolkien in Portsmouth harbour 17 July 2008. Hard to believe she was designed as a tug, more details can be found here.


3-masted Barquentine Thalassa arrives at a congested Portsmouth Harbour 25 July 2008. Advertised as a vehicle for "Team building days", more details can be found here.

Falcon Bay

A cargo of fruit arrives at Portsmouth on Seatrade's Falcon Bay 17 July 2008. Portsmouth handles the majority of imported fruit for the UK.

Bunker tankers

John H Whitaker (Tankers) Ltd operate a fleet of bunker tankers, two of which were seen in Portsmouth Harbour.

Jaynee W


Commodore Goodwill

Condor Ferries' Commodore Goodwill arriving at Portsmouth 17 July 2008. Condor Ferries operate the Porthsmouth - Channel Islands passenger/freight route.

Incat 050

High speed catamaran Incat 050 in Express Ferries livery, undergoing a refit in Portsmouth before entering service for the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company. This vessel has had an interesting history, details of which can be found here.

Mont St. Michel

Brittany Ferries Mont St Michel arriving at Portsmouth 17 July 2008.

A tight squeeze

The vehicle terminal in Portsmouth is a bit short of space, to say the least!


Wight Link also operate a passenger only service to Ryde on the the Isle of Wight via a fleet of catamarans.

Fastcat Ryde

Fastcat Shanklin

Our Lady Pamela