HMCS Quest

John Stewart in Campbeltown sent this message last year: "Attached are two photographs of HMCS Quest (AGOR 172) which arrived here on Sunday 14 August and sailed Tuesday 16th. She is a research ship and was built in Vancouver between 1967 and 1969 so she is a venerable old lady. From where I live, I could only see her starboard side which was painted white with the funnel being buff coloured - the colour scheme of old for survey ships. Therefore, you can imagine my surprise when she sailed today and revealed a port side painted warship grey! I do not know if this painting of the port side took place whilst she was alongside here. Another strange thing is that she flying a saltire, which I would have thought is something of a maritime faux pas for a warship! As you will see, her port quarter has had an encounter with an immoveable object. I think that the tug in the first picture is SD Resourceful.


Fyfes' banana boat Elsebeth inbound for Portsmouth 20 December 2011.

Sir Humphrey Gale

MOD police launch Sir Humphrey Gale on patrol in Portsmouth Harbour 20 December 2011.

Wight Ryder II

Wightlink's catamaran Wight Ryder II inbound for Portsmouth 20 December 2011.