Occasional ClydeNavalGazing correspondent Cathcart Ironside sends the following from his sojourn to Colonsay 03 March 2014.

Enroute to Colinsay.

Isle of Mull out of season!

Unfortunately not the Bahamas!

Bro Nordby

Tanker Bro Nordby slips upriver in the unusual sunshine 03 March 2014.

Golden Pearl

Panamax bulker Golden Pearl approaches Hunterston unusually unsupported by tugs 03 March 2014.

Craig Rotterdam

Cardiff registered bulk carrier Craig Rotterdam heads upriver escorted by Svitzer Milford 02 March 2014.

SD Victoria

Serco's "worldwide support vessel" SD Victoria (SD Northern River behind) in Great Harbour 02 March 2014.

Kommandor Iona

Kommandor Iona (ex SD Salmoor) still waiting (albeit with a new paint job) in Great Harbour 02 February 2014.

Clyde Racer

Admiralty pilot cutter SD Clyde Racer in Great Harbour 02 March 2014.