Tanker Nordport anchored off Greenock 29 November 2008.

Isle of Mull

Caledonian Macbrayne's Isle of Mull out of drydock in JWD 29 November 2008.


Svitzer tug Willowgarth lying in JWD 29 November 2008. It is not yet clear why she has relocated from Belfast.

Marida Magnolia

Tanker Marida Magnolia heading upriver during a passing snow shower 29 November 2008,


A trio of ferries on the upper Firth 29 November 2008. Caledonian Macbrayne's Jupiter and Bute sandwich WesternFerries' Sound of Scalpay.


Bulk carrier Riruccia unloading at Hunterston 28 November 2008.


Workboat Multicat outbound for Ardrossan to recover the yacht which has been aground on Horse Island for some considerable time!

RNLB Peggy Keith Learmond

RNLB Peggy Keith Learmond playing in the nor' westers 23 November 2008. I always knew that lifeboatmen were a different breed!

Hebridean Isles

Caledonian Macbrayne's Hebridean Isles heading for Gourock 23 November 2008. She had been callled from the Islay run to relieve Caledonian Isles which had suffered technical difficulties however, due to the nor' westerly gales, she did not manage one service!

Silver Constellation

Bulk carrier Silver Constellation lying at anchor whilst repairs are carried out. 22 November 2008. Caledonian Macbrayne's Coruisk passing en route to Wemyss Bay. She is acting as relief for Bute (then for Argyle) to allow for annual overhauls.