HMS Edinburgh

The recent visit of HMS Edinburgh (D97) to the firth attracted the attention of ClydeNavalGazing correspondents.

Edinburgh was observed earlier in the day at Campbeltown after refuelling by John Stewart.

A full length shot by Neil Robertson.

Loch Shira circumnavigates Edinburgh by Neil Robertson.

Bro Developer

A regular visitor, plying between Finnart and Belfast, tanker Bro Developer lying in Brodick Bay 06 March 2009.

Navion Akarita

Bulk tanker Navion Akarita, enroute to Aberdeen, had to stop mid channel to allow Edinburgh to clear the area.

HMS Edinburgh

After taking on bunkers at Campbeltown, HMS Edinburgh (D97) paid a fleeting visit to the Largs Channel where she launched a small boat.

Volte face as she prepares to offer a lee to recover the inflatable.

Still a lethal weapon.

Recovering her inflatable, perhaps they had a nice cup of tea at Largs Yacht Haven?

Reconstruction of Largs pier

The demolition has begun.... has the backfilling!

Ayton Cross

Tug Ayton Cross lay at Fairlie Quay for a couple of hours before facilitating the departure (along with Yewgarth) of Grand Markela at 20:00 04 March 2009.

Grand Markela

Bulk carrier Grand Markela completes unloading at Hunterston before departing for Murmansk 04 March 2009.