Svitzer sisters

Svitzer tugs Svitzer Milford and Svitzer Mallaig together, escorting Chin Shan into Hunterston 22 July 2009. Unfortunately, the light wasn't great!

Chin Shan

Bulk carrier Chin Shan ex Puerto Drummond, Colombia, inbound for Hunterston 22 July 2009.

Grace Ritchie

Passenger vessel Grace Ritchie inbound for Fairlie Quay passes Nordpol unloading at Hunterston 20 July 2009.

Hellespont Triumph

Tanker Hellespont Triumph inbound for Finnart 20 July 2009.


Bulk carrier Nordpol inbound for Hunterston 20 July 2009.

Pole Star

NLB Pole Star outbound for Kilchattan, passes Svitzer Mallaig, heading for JWD, 20 July 2009.


PS Waverley looks ship shape and bristol fashion as she leaves Campbeltown 19 July 2009, after a cruise around Sanda Island.

Navy 177

Helicopter Navy 177 appeared at Largs Lifeboat Station's Open Day 18 July 2009.

Kingdom of Fife

Briggs Marine's Kingom of Fife inbound for Great Harbour 18 July 2009.

Admiral Day

Dredger Admiral Day "on the beach" 18 July 2009.


Bulk carrier Piro unloading at Hunterston 18 July 2009.