Svitzer Waterston

Tug Svitzer Waterston, normally based at Milford Haven, was called into service (together with Svitzer Laura, Svitzer Brunel and the three Clyde based Svitzer vessels) to  carry out the manoeuvres in Loch Striven 21 May 2010.

Sealand Performance

Container vessel Sealand Performance was cut out of the "raft" in Loch Striven and taken to GOT for warm up prior to re-entering service 21 May 2010. Unfortunately a poor day for photography!


Diamond back on trials in the Clyde 17 May 2010.


Tanker Navigo outbound for Belfast 14 May 2010. Picture by ClydeNavalGazing correspondent Bill Dow.


North West Marine's workboat Laxi in Oban Bay 26 April 2010.  She was last seen in Clyde Marina.


Unidentified submarine outbound 08 May 2010.
RM ribs in attendance. Pictures by ClydeNavalGazing correspondent Neil Robertson.

HMS Severn

River class OPV (offshore patrol vessel) HMS Severn (P282) in the upper Firth 28 April 2010.

Hjalmar Bjorge

Northern Light Charters' Hjalmar Bjorge seen in Oban Bay 26 April 2010.