SD Suzanne

Tug SD Suzanne escorts barge 1514(F) across Portsmouth Harbour (Endeavour in the foreground) 14 May 2014.

SD Bustler

Serco TUTT SD Bustler up for sale in Portsmouth Harbour 14 May 2014. A snip at £290 000?

SD Solent Racer

Admiralty pilot cutter SD Solent Racer returns the pilot from Iron Duke 14 May 2014.

SD Norton

Serco's crew transfer catamaran SD Norton heads for the Oiling Pier 14 May 2014.

Sir Geoffrey Rackham

MOD police launch Sir Geoffrey Rackham inbound 14 May 2014. I doubt they were adhering to the speed limit?

SD Powerful

Serco's TUTT SD Powerful inbound followng the departure of Iron Duke 14 May 2014.