Ronja Viking

Live fish carrier Ronja Viking approaching Mallaig 13 May 2008. She is so alike her sister, I didn't realise I had caught both!


Coaster Scotia passes Tomont End en route to Antwerp 29 May 2008.

Millport Ferry

Caledonian Macbrayne's Loch Shira lies at Fairlie with her new passenger running mate to Millport 29 May 2008. Only joking, charter yacht Triple Seven, who is lying at Fairlie because she is too large for Largs Yachthaven (allegedly!)


Regular caller Aasfjord heads for Glasgow 29 May 2008.

Bulk India

Panamanian registered bulk carrier Bulk India approaching Hunterston 29 May 2008. Bulk India arrived the previous evening and lay in Irvine Bay overnight before heading for Hunterston on the tide. Tugs Kindeace and Svitzer Mallaig in attendance.

Triple Seven

Another shot of Triple Seven lying at Fairlie 27 May 2008. Red Duster and Saltire flying? Fairlie is not the easiest place to get good pics!


Clydenes, looking fresh from overhaul, lies inside Hunterston beside a loaded Mornes 27 May 2008. [Edit] Clydenes has left today, but Mornes still lies inside? 28 May 2008[/Edit]


A lovely Bank Holiday Monday in Largs (for a change!) had Caledonian Macbrayne's Loch Riddon and Loch Shira runnning to clear the queues of returning motorists from Cumbrae 26 May 2008.

Triple Seven

German registered "super yacht" Triple Seven lying at Fairlie 26 May 2008. More details can be found here.


Peter Deilmann Cruises' Deutschland heading up firth to GOT 25 May 2008.