Apollo Eagle

Coaster Apollo Eagle inbound 08 November 2008.

Silver Constellation

Bulk carrier Silver Constellation unloading at Hunterston 08 November 2008.


Tanker Kronviken inbound for Finnart 08 November 2008.

Alba Na Mara

Fisheries research vessel Alba Na Mara towing in the Largs Channel 07 November 2008.

Pole Star

NLB vessel Pole Star outbound for Loch Ryan after a brief respite at James Watt dock 02 November 2008.

Great Eagle

Bulk carrier Great Eagle landed at Hunterston (unfortunately just after dark) 01 November 2008. Seen here lying at the terminal 02 November 2008 in the (very unusual) autumn sunshine! Yet another vessel which does not appear to be heavily laden on arrival.


Coaster Nordanhav leaves Hunterston for Kilroot 02 November 2008. I do not recall seeing her before in the lower Clyde, further details available here.


Coaster Krempertor outbound for Bayonne 01 November 2008.