Coaster Clydenes approaching Hunterston from the North following repairs at James Watt Dock 12 September 2008. An unusual course for her!

HMS Enterprise

Hydrographic survey vessel HMS Enterprise (H88) outbound 12 September 2008. Difficult conditions!

Sten Odin

Tanker Sten Odin light, lying out of the weather in Brodick Bay 11 September 2008 (potentially waiting for orders?).

SD Omagh

SD Omagh inbound with an (as yet unknown?) Severn Class RNLI lifeboat on trials 10 September 2008. The lifeboat spent some hours "motoring" around!


Daring and Cruiser off Bute 10 September 2008.

John Mitchell

Container vessel John Mitchell outbound for Rotterdam 10 September 2008.


Bulk carrier Seapowet outbound for an undisclosed location 10 September 2008.


Container vessel Petuja inbound 10 September 2008.


Seapowet, Mornes and Clydenes at Hunterston 09 September 2008.

Nordic Pia

Tanker Nordic Pia inbound for Finnart 08 September 2008.


The "Vikings" appeared at Largs 06 September 2008. No wonder the RIB was in attendance, due to the available freeboard of this particular "longship". Methinks if this is an authentic copy, the Vikings could never have left a Fjord without swamping!

RV Aora

RV Aora lying alongside the "new" Keppel Pier on the Isle of Cumbrae 08 September 2008.


Bulk carrier Seapowet (albeit the ITU Database insists she is Coral) replaced Mathilde at Hunterston overnight 08 September 2008.


Coaster Alholmen, photographed (07 September 2008) on a very overcast day at Campbeltown's New Quay is a 13.17 single hull cargo vessel of 2580 gross tonnage. She was built by Nieuwe Noord at Groningen in the Netherlands in 1984 and is registered at Jacokbstad in Finland. She is loading a cargo of round timber for Norway.

Seahorse II

Argyll Workboats' Seahorse II lying at Campbeltown 07 September 2008. She is once again employed in supporting Daring's final sea trials.


Converted sailing trawler Nordcaperen on slack lines at Ardrossan Harbour 05 September 2008. More details (and the price!) available here.


One vessel, two funnels, or two vessels? SD Impulse and SD Impetus hang together awaiting the arrival of Mathilde 03 September 2008.

Alba na Mara

Pictured berthing this morning at the Campbeltown ro-ro terminal is the 27m RV Alba na Mara which, it is understood, was built by MacDuff Shipyards in 2006 (?) for Fisheries Research Services, better known as the Marine Laboratory, Aberdeen.