SD Solent Racer

Serco's pilot cutter SD Solent Racer inbound 28 June 2012.

Going cheap to a good home!

Serco's Portsmouth "used car lot" 28 June 2012. Gwendoline P and SD Bustler are currently for sale on Damen's website; and, although the same company announced her sale to a Nigerian party in November 2011, SD Sheepdog is still here.

Kingdom of Fife

Briggs Marine's Kingom of Fife working in Fareham Creek 28 June 2012.

Star Quality

Fyffes' container vessel Star Quality in Portsmouth Harbour 28 June 2012.

Sir Humphrey Gale

MOD police launch Sir Humphrey Gale at her berth 28 June 2012.

Portsmouth Harbour

A busy north bank 28 June 2012. Superyacht Leander G, Wight Link ferries St Helen and St Cecilia and Gosport ferry Portsmouth Queen.

Wight Ryders

Wightlink's fast catamaran ferries Wight Ryder I and Wight Ryder II at Portsmouth Station Pier 28 June 2012.

Mont St. Michel

Brittany Ferries' Mont St Michel arriving in Portsmouth Harbour 28 June 2012.


Venture Marine's workboat Grima in Kirkwall Harbour 10 June 2012.


Ex Isle of Man Fisheries Protection Vessel (now Pleasure Charter) Enbarr in Kirkwall Harbour 11 June 2012.


B. K. Marine's Koada in Kirkwall Harbour 12 June 2012.


Dive charter boat Valkyrie in Kirkwall Harbour 12 June 2012.

Pole Star

NLB Pole Star arriving at Kirkwall 12 June 2012. Erland and Burhou 1 on the outside berths.


Workboat C-Odyssey (the seemingly everpresent Pole Star forms the backdrop) in Kirkwall Harbour 12 June 2012. She has been involved in the deployment of an experimental marine renewable electrical generation system.