Pentland Ferries' Pentalina unloading at ST. Margarets Hope 13 June 2012.

Severn Sea

Survey vessel Severn Sea alongside Heavy Lift Crane Barge BD6074, Kirkwall 12 June 2012.


Orkney Islands Council Marine Services' tug Erlend lying outside Kirkwall Pier 12 June 2012.

Balfour Village Pier

Shapinsay lying at Balfour Village Pier, Shapinsay 12 June 2012. Probably the first time I have had to reverse onto a ferry in 25 years!

Burhou 1

Coaster Burhou 1 last seen going through the Falls of Lora, arrives light at Kirkwall Harbour to load stone ballast 12 June 2012.

Earl Sigurd

Orkney Ferries' Earl Sigurd in Kirkwall, framed by Pole Star and Burhou 1 11 June 2012.


Orkney Ferries' Shapinsay on service from Kirkwall 11 June 2012.


Orkney Ferries' Varagen berthing for a break from service 11 June 2012.

Earl Thorfinn

Orkney Ferries' Earl Thorfinn at Kirkwall 11 June 2012.

Kikwall Bay

Orkney Islands Council Marine Services' pilot vessel Kirkwall Bay in Kirkwall Harbour 10 June 2012.

John Rae

Orkney Islands Council Marine Services' pilot vessel John Rae in Kirkwall Harbour 11 June 2012.


Cruise liner Athena arriving off Kirkwall 10 June 2012.