HMS Campbeltown

HMS Campbeltown comes home. The 4380 ton Batch III Type 22 frigate is seen berthing, on Saturday morning 20 september 2008, at the NATO fuel depot at Campbeltown assisted by Serco Denholm tugs, Nimble and Husky. The design of Campbeltown and her three sisters, Cornwall, Cumberland and Chatham reflects some of the lessons of the Falklands War. A single 4.5" gun, for shore bombardment, is mounted forward. Immediately behind it, in B position, is one of two Seawolf anti aircraft launchers, the other being mounted aft, atop the hanger. Her Goalkeeper CIWS is mounted immediately in front of the foremast and below it are the cradles for eight Harpoon anti-ship missiles. Two single 30mm are sited on either side of the funnel. She is equipped to carry two lynx helicopters which can be armed with either ASM Sea Skua missiles or Stingray ASW torpedoes. Her triple torpedo tubes appear to have been landed.
Campbeltown was built by Cammell Laird, Birkenhead and completed in 1989. In May she returned from a seven month deployment to the Persian Gulf. After her visit to Kintyre she is to sail for Rosyth where she is scheduled to enter the dockyard for a year long refit.

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